Friday, March 4, 2011

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Drug Addiction - Where Are The Resources?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a nightmare! Only those who've been through it with someone they love, can begin to understand! These addicts are NOT necessarily horrible people - most ARE GOOD people, who either had demons not yet dealt with... OR under peer pressure; made the wrong decision one time too many - or maybe even just once! The drugs or alcohol then takes control of their lives and they begin to make many more mistakes, which typically leads to prison or death.

Sadly, once the person is labeled an "ADDICT" society's interpretation of them going forward is damning and they're almost always looked down on for the remainder of their lives.

Even those who've recovered and now live successful lives continue to be viewed as the horrible person they were back then. This is especially true for the "drug addict". Friends and family turn their backs on them for fear of embarrassment when support and advocation for better resources is what really matters.

I understand the need to avoid the addict during their addiction and refusal to get help, due to fear of being robbed or harmed. These ARE and should be huge concerns for anyone dealing with an addict.

The pawn shops have profited greatly from our family belongings over the years. I find it sad they're making money knowing a large quantity of what they're buying/selling is stolen.

Let me say; I absolutely DO NOT condone enabling - there is a difference in enabling and supporting. Either takes it's toll on the person dealing with the addiction of their loved one - often draining every ounce of energy from their being, while placing aging reminders on their very faces.

The real "dirty and dishonest" people are the drug dealers who feed the addict's addiction! Unfortunately, the number of dealers seems to have out-numbered the available resources enabling law enforcement to get them off the streets and behind bars where they belong! Many dealers are addicts themselves; selling to feed their habit.

I PERSONALLY THANK every single law enforcer out there who battles this huge issue daily! I especially thank those officers who treat the addicts with "dignity" and not as ruthless with no hope for change!

Millions of people are addicted and MOST need help to get well. Have you ever watched Intervention on A&E?? There are those who believe their is no recovery for an addict - I beg to differ! I've witnessed real recovery and transition - I had the honor of speaking with one such family member today who has been clean four years, has three beautiful children, a great husband, and is now fighting to save her sister from the grips of addiction!

Sadly, there are no "real" resources for those addicts who WANT help unless they have thousands of dollars to pour into a rehabilitation facility in sunny Florida or elsewhere OR fortunate enough to have good insurance or insurance at all; to help pay for rehabilitation. I don't know many addicts able to hold a job allowing them to carry insurance. For these people a state medical card is their only hope and that is next to impossible to get unless, of course, you're an illegal alien.

For the majority of addicts it is said "they must hit rock bottom" - when they SHOULD HAVE HELP before "hitting rock bottom". Anyone who has watched Intervention on A&E has learned that's what "intervention" is all about - helping the addict to NOT hit rock bottom"!

There is no place I know of that allows an addict to walk in, ask for help, and actually get the real long term treatment they need. The ER gives them enough medicine to avoid the sickness for a few days, refers them (along with the long list of addicts already waiting) to a program for Methadone or Suboxone - both of which are too costly to afford; not to mention just a replacement for what they're addicted to. If they had money - most would be putting it toward a rehabilitation program instead!

The addict typically can't get in to see the prescribing Psychiatrist for weeks. By then, the desire to get clean has long been forgotten and replaced by the craving of drugs and the drugs have won - yet again! Those Psychiatrists (the experts) able to get into the addict's mind, help them unveil the demons within them, and teach them skills to face those demons head on are so overwhelmed with the volume of addicts, they barely have time to write the prescription. There is no time or resources to counsel them, which is actually what the addict needs to begin their healing.

Think about it; would a diabetic, cardio patient, or cancer patient be turned away from a medical facility if they needed healing and counseling? No - of course not. These diseases - just like addiction - can be and often are hereditary - yet the addict will be turned away without proof of insurance or money to pay first!

How do I know these things? I've been living my nightmare with my loved one who has been fighting their nightmare of drug addiction for eight years. Each time I think we're getting somewhere, we hit another road block! If you've ever experienced the nightmare, you're fully aware of what I say.

I imagine many people are too ashamed or embarrassed to speak up about their trials fighting to save their loved one from the grips of the drug or alcohol addiction. I suppose I've been guilty of this myself until now. Now, I'm tired of hitting road blocks and seeing my precious loved one live life as a person he doesn't want to be.

It's time to bring more awareness to addiction and more resources to help those who can't help themselves. I plan to begin advocating for this very cause. My goal in writing this is aimed at hoping my words will help someone dealing with their own nightmare to have hope and courage to continue fighting.

It is also my hope this information will provide understanding to those who truly can't comprehend the actions of an addict. I just went through the circle of explanation with one of my family members; thinking my loved one can just stop or just get mental help - hence the circle continues - there is no help for those who can't afford it, but want it.

Furthermore; writing this has been therapeutic for me!

If anyone knows of such a program - I openly welcome the information, because we very much need it!

Please keep my loved one and all addicts in your prayers, as well as hope for better resources ahead.